Painting of me by  Olivia De Berardinis  :)

Painting of me by Olivia De Berardinis :)

Hey there! Welcome!

I’ve been modeling since 2004 and became a full time professional in 2009, shooting everything from latex fashion to beauty, avant- garde hairdressing, glamour, art nude, commercial and more. I never really wanted to focus on any one niche and I’ve been fortunate enough to make a successful career out of being somewhat of a chameleon!

In 2017 I decided to step back a bit from shooting full time in order to put more energy into my own artwork. Yes, I’m also an artist/illustrator! If you’re interested in seeing some of my artwork, please check out Malady Charlotina.

However, I am still shooting.. I don’t think I could ever stop completely! I’m especially interested in travel opportunities and creative collaborations that feed my soul. I’ve shot all over the world in all sorts of beautiful locations but there are always more places I’d love to explore and experiences to be had.

This site has a selection of my favorite work spanning my entire career, with the most recent images from this year being the first in each gallery. I hope it gives a pretty good idea of my level of experience, what I can do and the sort of things I’m interested in.

I’m currently based out of Los Angeles, CA and also make regular trips to Portland, OR and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England to visit family.

36-26-39 (athletic)