What's New?

Woot! I finally got round to making myself a new portfolio/website. What’s new? To get things started, here are some of my recent images. Clicking on each thumbnail will take you to its respective gallery. As you can see I currently have white blonde hair, though I’ve been toying with the idea of returning to redhead.. we’ll see!

I’ve trimmed down the galleries quite a lot compared the old site; I wanted to have a selection of my favorite work that best reflects what I’m currently interested in shooting, rather than an archive of everything I’ve ever shot (it had gotten a little bit overwhelming to look at!).

Also a quick heads up that I’m travelling back to the UK next month (October 25th - November 18th), with London, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Edinburgh currently on the list of cities I’ll be visiting. I have time left in my schedule for 1 or 2 shoots in each place, if anyone is interested please get in touch.

Hope you enjoy the new site!